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Increase volume. Gain margin. Grow profit.

EdgePetrol unlocks the power of your data to drive decisions that increase the profitability of your fuel retail portfolio.

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You're in good company.

Live visibility of your portfolio from anywhere in the world.

Real margin

 Live margin blended by grade, site and portfolio, adjusted for fuel cards.

Report by exception

Know which sites are underperforming and act on them instantly to drive profits.

Trend analysis

Spot cost and margin changes at the earliest possible opportunity.

Volume predictions

 Manage your fuel orders to avoid stock outs and buy at the most cost-effective time.

Performance reporting

 Set site strategies by digging deeper and understanding key volume and margin drivers on your sites.

Competitor pricing

 Never miss a pricing opportunity again by seeing your competition's live prices.


What people say.

Don't just take our word for it

EdgePetrol has changed the way I run my forecourts. We now have live transparent margins and fuel price data to help us set our pole prices and control our fuel margins. We are instantly able to see the impact these decisions are having on our business in real time. Only problem is, I can't put my phone down!

Darren Briggs, CEO - Ascona Group

Keeping a close eye on 11 forecourts can be a real challenge. EdgePetrol is now a core tool in our daily meetings. By having real-time visibility of all our sites and their live margins, we are able to take more efficient decisions regarding pricing and fuel ordering. With this fully automated tool, days of chasing cost price invoices are over.

Sharad Raja, MD - Highway Stops

How does it work?

Well, it's magic really

EdgePetrol securely connects with any PoS (Point Of Sale), any fuel supplier, and your tanks to display your live volumes and calculate a live weighted-and-blended margin. The cost of your fuel is always changing, so we update the blended price for you as new deliveries hit your tanks and as sales empty them. Every time a customer buys fuel, we apply the relevant cost price on a FIFO basis and re-weight your margin. Magic!

Get forecourt superpowers

Say goodbye to manual entry

EdgePetrol provides you with the key metrics you need without you having to type a single digit. Our unique connection to both the fuel supplier and the POS means the days of typing numbers into spreadsheets to work out your margins are over.

Make better and quicker decisions

Make decisions on today’s news, not yesterday’s news. You deserve to see your data in real-time - after all, it’s yours! With up-to-the-minute insight on volumes, margins, competitors and important notifications, improving your bottom line has never been easier.

Run your portfolio from anywhere

Access all your data from any device from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a cup of coffee and you are good to go.

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