How Phillips 66’s grew their retail fuel profits with EdgePetrol

Phillips 66 Limited, 11 stations

Phillips 66 Limited, 11 stations
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The Challenge

Phillips 66 wanted to grow fuel profits without losing volume across their 11 company-owned, Jet branded stations.

P66 were also facing a volatile market and fluctuating volumes, making this a difficult goal to achieve.

Premium to regular grade differentials were under-optimised, as they were set uniformly across P66's 11 stations.

Real-time data from the EdgePetrol app would enable them to find the optimal differential for each site.

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The Solution

P66 worked with EdgePetrol's customer success team to test new differential strategies.

To assess the impact of these strategies, they monitored transaction counts, average fills, overall litres sold and grade penetration at several trial sites.

These metrics gave P66 a complete picture of each local market as well as shifts in station performance.

EdgePetrol took the work out of capturing, processing and displaying this data, as it was already being fed into the app, directly from P66's UK sites!

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The Results

Following the 14-week trial period, some strategies had clearly been more effective than others.

These could now be rolled out across the entire P66 UK estate, with prices sent directly to site managers via the EdgePetrol app.

Finding and setting optimal differentials for each site led to significant profit increases on premium grades, without impacting volumes by more than 5%.


"EdgePetrol has been fantastic for us and has given us the visibility we need to optimise our retail fuel pricing strategies."

Oliver Mueller
Director, JET Retail UK

Oliver Mueller

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