How Pelco protected fuel sales while increasing shop sales

Pelco, 10 stations

Pelco, 10 stations

The Challenge

Shop sales are a key part of Pelco’s profitability, meaning that getting more customers on site and using fuel as a driver for inside-the-store sales is vital to the success of the business. Pelco were unsure of how their pricing strategy was impacting their fuel transactions and therefore were not able to optimize their strategy to suit.

The Solution

By being able to see the number of fuel transactions live on EdgePetrol, Pelco were able to strategically target growth or conservation of their customer count.

The Results

This meant that Pelco were able to protect fuel sales and maximize their site traffic, increasing their shop sales and overall profitability of their business.


"Before using EdgePetrol we were shooting in the dark!"

Barry Quigley


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