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The Challenge

Margins were being lost due to downward competitor movements that the PBFS felt they had to follow.

In a reduced volume market due to COVID-19, this made optimizing their profitability a hefty challenge.

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The Solution

Working with their EdgePetrol Customer Success Manager, PBFS agreed a one month trial on a new strategy.

Real-time volumes would allow PBFS to hold their prices and only move down when they saw their competitions price had a material impact on their volumes.

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The Results

Increased profit by 15% over the test period.

The stations were less price sensitive than PBFS initially thought, with a two-to-three day lag on the majority of  stations until downward competitor price movements were having an impact on PBFS volumes.


"We’ve gone through a difficult time this year, with COVID restrictions and lockdown. Having Edge has enabled us to get a good margin and better profit this year, even with the lower volume."

Sharon Hughes

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Sharon Hughes

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