Manor Retail improves delivery management and cash flow with EdgePetrol

Manor Retail, 1 station

Manor Retail, 1 station
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The Challenge

Retailers reading this will already know the importance of managing cash flow and credit terms.

Cash is king, so with wages increasing and energy costs rising (one site told us their expenses were increasing by £60k) this is at the forefront of many retailer’s minds. Furthermore, interest rates are growing and this makes getting money for investment more expensive.

This provides a challenge for those using VMI (vendor managed inventory), where delivery control of a petrol station’s biggest expense- fuel- is essentially being handed over to their suppliers. Manor Retail was one such company and was wary of the difficulties in managing strict credit terms alongside their cash flows.

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The Solution

EdgePetrol’s BuySmart Analysis intelligently predicts your future tank levels and alerts the user when fuel is going to run out. When alerted about an incoming delivery by their supplier, Manor Retail now checks EdgePetrol’s predictions to see whether or not a delivery is needed and delays if one is not needed.

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The Results

Manor Retail now only receive deliveries when they need them, leading to better-managed cash flows and less stress over credit terms!


"Edge assists the monitoring of our 4 grades in real time wherever you are helping me to control deliveries to when I want and need them rather than when Hoyer want to send them."

Joe Brough
Manor Retail

Joe Brough

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1. Get the most accurate cost of fuel
2. Track performance in real-time
3. Set and deliver new site strategies
4. Increase profit by 18% or more

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