Hills of Corby's profitable new strategy

Hills of Corby, 12 stations

Hills of Corby, 12 stations
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The Challenge

Hills of Corby believed they had no choice but to follow the aggressive price moves of competitors, and their year-on-year fuel profits were stalling as a result.

The status quo for Hills was to lower their prices as soon as the local competition dropped theirs.

With no visibility on how competitor price changes impacted their volumes, Hills were stuck following them.

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The Solution

But connecting to EdgePetrol gave Hills of Corby visibility on their volumes in real-time, so they could see how competitor price changes really affected their stations.

They saw that the impact of competitor price moves would be insignificant for much longer than expected.

This let Hills keep their prices steady for longer, maintaining their margins without sacrificing volume.

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The Results

Whenever volumes did start to fall, Hills were aware and able to react quickly before it became an issue.

This new strategy allowed Hills to increase their profits steadily over the course of the year, as their approach to pricing became less reactive and more calculated!


"We have increased our fuel profit with EdgePetrol."

Michael Gatty
Hills of Corby

Michael Gatty

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