We are EdgePetrol

Founder and CEO Gideon Carroll created EdgePetrol with one goal in mind: to disrupt the fuel retail market. A former gasoline trader himself, Gideon knew that data is the key to success in the fuel industry. When EdgePetrol launched in September 2017, retailers were given insight they had never seen before, helping them to drive profits through better decision making. Our vision is to make fuel the most data-driven market in the world through world-class software solutions and we we will not stop until that is a reality. We are now exploring new horizons, branching out from our London HQ to New York City with a view to take over the world. We'll see you there.

The team

Gideon Carroll
Chief Executive Officer
Clive Brett
Chief Technical Officer
Mark Truman
Chief Revenue Officer
Sarah Kind
VP Customer Success
Karen Williams
VP Operations
Claire Lewis
VP Marketing
Andy Allison
VP Product
Dan Richardson
VP Global Sales
Thuvy Ranjith
Customer Success Manager
Nikhil Patel
Senior Sales Manager
Sab Caziuc
Sales Development
Ellis Sharman
Implementation Manager
John Combs
Senior Account Executive
Scott Krieger
Design Lead
Colin Currie
Senior Engineer
Charlie Cooper
Full-Stack Engineer
Neil Kotecha
Support Specialist
Guilherme Pereira
Senior Back-End Engineer
Jonathan Wears
Data Engineer
Joanna Kostaki
Senior Back-End Engineer
Guha Balasubramanian
Senior Engineer
Stuart Duffy
Software Engineer
Ben Fowl
Software Engineer
Eduardo Aguerralde
Front-End Engineer
Tim Behrsin
Senior Front-End Engineer
Stephanie Bell
Executive Assistant
Larry Cohen
Legal Counsel
Pete Cattell
Non-Executive Director

Who we work with

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