Discover the world's best pricing software for fuel retailers.

Your demo includes how to:

  • Optimize your fuel pricing strategy across your entire portfolio
  • See how visibility of accurate blended gross and net margins can enhance your pricing strategies
  • Better understand why pricing decisions based on the current weighting of fuel in the tanks can improve profitability
  • Explore EdgePetrol's intelligent forecasting to opitmize fuel purchasing
  • Learn how to ensure prices have been changed on-site correctly without the need to invest in expensive pole pricing technology

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EdgePetrol customers have seen their profit increase by as much as 18%.

"Accurate margins make for better decision-making and this is driving profitability for our company."
Ian Woodcock, Harvest Energy

"I have 30 years of experience running a garage, technology is moving forward massively and gives us more accuracy."
Sue Kembrey, Stanshawe

"EdgePetrol has totally changed the way I work, I've moved away from using spreadsheets entirely!"
Paul Harrison, Steeles of Worthing