5 Technologies Fuel Retailers Need To Take A Closer Look At

November 19, 2021

Written by: Eric Barzelogna

5 min

5 Technologies Fuel Retailers Need To Take A Closer Look At

The fuel industry has been hit in the past few years with big changes.

Covid, staffing issues, high oil prices, driver shortages, panic buying are just some of the challenges retailers have faced recently.

The fuel retailers who are thriving in our complicated global landscape understand that new technologies are here to help them evolve their business, so they embrace change with open arms.

Here are 5 technologies that can help retailers take their fuel business to the next level:


Launched by Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS), DX Promote is a two-time winner at the 2021 CSP Retailers Choice Best New Products Content: Technology and Forecourt categories.

What makes DX Promote such a groundbreaking product is the fact that fuel retailers can now give customers an immersive digital experience by offering targeted advertisements and informational content directly at the fuel dispensers. 

By showing specific ads, loyalty programs and discounts, retailers can really drive up their revenue and engagement.

  1. Mashgin

Wouldn’t you love a checkout system that lets you ring up a sale in less than a second?

Well fortunately for you, Mashgin is a touchless checkout system that recently won #1 cool product of NACS 2021. They have an amazing technology that is able to identify items without even requiring a barcode.

An added benefit is that it can reduce customer clutter by saving time, in turn creating an improved customer experience, especially during peak traffic hours.

  1. EdgePetrol

What would life be without a little bit of self-promotion once in a while?

We are a fuel pricing software that helps retailers make the best fuel pricing decisions for their business. By providing accurate real-time data, we help retailers tackle industry-wide challenges such as aggressive competition, reducing volumes and market volatility.

For example, just one of the ways we are helping retailers is by giving them the real-time cost of their fuel through our blended cost analysis. Our customers are making an average of 17-18% profit a year thanks to our data. 

To get in touch with us click here.

  1. LottoShield

LottoShield is the world’s first automated solution for lottery loss prevention.

Described as a 360-degree lottery monitoring solution, LottoShield can turn your scanner into an inventory tracker for scratchers just by attaching a small device to it.

  1. TRACK

PWM recently launched TRACK intelligent price signs, which help station operators control their price displays in an easy and flexible manner.

In real-time, these price signs alert operators of check-up needs, technical issues and outages. This solution seems to be especially effective with unmanned stations or multiple stations spread out across different regions.

For more information on PWM, click here.

The future of fuel retail is exciting and here at EdgePetrol we always like to show off new innovations and technologies that can help your business reach new heights.

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