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June 6, 2022

Introducing Manual Price Entry and better UX Consistency

Every station owner wants their pole prices to be changed in a timely fashion. And we all know that just because you have sent a new price through to your Station Managers, it doesn’t mean it has been actioned - or actioned correctly. 😱

 In our latest EdgePetrol product releases we have launched new UX improvements that give you more visibility on previous and pending price changes so that you can see the current price whilst the change is still pending and access this information throughout EdgePetrol.

Consistency in how we display pending and current pole prices across the app

Consistency in how we display pending and current pole prices across the app

We’ve added even more consistency with how we display current and pending pole prices across the app. Previously in some areas the pending price was above the current, others below.

Now throughout the app, the pending pole price is also bigger and below the current pole price.

Manually enter desired pole price on the Local Competitor Widget

manual pole price entry

Users can now enter the specific pole price they want their price to change to in the local competitor widget. Previously, you would have to increment up or down from the existing price. Incrementing is still present, but now you can enter the specific price, which will allow you to change the decimal should you wish to.

This provides more flexibility when selecting new prices and allows for new strategies that involve the flexing of decimal points.

Posted by Andy Allison - VP of Product
March 2, 2022

Say hello, to Performance Report Exporting

Ok, so we’re all about ditching those spreadsheets, but downloading your data was important to you.

Which is why we are absolutely buzzing to share this news with you…

We’ve added the functionality to download the data to a CSV file on the portfolio and station page performance reporting widgets!

No more dragging the cursor awkwardly to the bottom of the screen. Just one click and BOOM! your file is ready with exactly the same data as the filters you have set.

EdgePetrol exports CSV USA
Export reports as CSV files

And that’s not all.

We’ve added other useful features!


Competitor Price Movements Visualised in Local Competitor Widget


This allows you to easily see if a competitor has moved down or up in price without having to hover over on the local competitor widget.

competitor price movements on EdgePetrol

Indication when pole price is set to be actioned in Station List Group Price Editing Page

When you hovered over a pending pole price on the Station List Group Price Editing Page or the Local Competitor Widget, the tool tip would say ‘The orange price indicates there is price change pending for this grade’.

Now, if the pending pole price was set to be actioned in the future and the time it was set to be actioned has not passed, the tool tip states when the pole price is set to be actioned.

Station list price editing page EdgePetrol
Station List Group Price Editing Page
EdgePetrol Local Competitor Widget
Local Competitor Widget

Stay tuned for many more exciting updates!




VP Product, EdgePetrol

Posted by Andy Allison - VP of Product
January 7, 2022

EdgePetrol Launch USA

Navigation and Station Search

· Easily navigate between your portfolio of stations and find a specific station using our search bar.

Portfolio Header and Stations List

· The portfolio header shows your key metrics and the trend indicators let you know how you are performing vs a previous point in time.

· Volume performance indicators tell you how your volume is performing vs an “average same time same day”, based on a 6 week weighted moving average.

Cash/Credit Toggles

· You can toggle cash/credit. This will allow you to alter the data you are viewing across the application.

· Cash toggle on and Credit toggle on means data from both cash and all card transactions is being displayed. Stations are highlighted in blue where they don’t offer cash/credit pricing, or where we only receive a single price per grade.


· Notifications are situated in the primary header for easy access

· You can clear notifications without fear of removing valuable notifications for another user in your organization. Notifications are auto-cleared after 30 days to reduce clutter.

In-depth Details

· You are able to navigate from notifications to the details.

For example, a predicted stock out notification, when clicked on, will take you to that station so you can see further details.

· New notifications will be added in due course and we will work with you to deliver the most valuable notifications first.

Restricted View

· Do you want to share access with other users in the business but want to restrict certain features or metrics in EdgePetrol? Now you can with by getting in touch with your Customer Success Representative.

In the future we will also add a user settings area to increase customization and give you more control.

· User roles are as follows:

Owner, Admin, Area Manager, Station Manager

Competitor Pricing

·  Competitor prices are timestamped to give a greater level of detail throughout the day.

·  You can navigate to previous dates and times to gain historical competitive pricing insight.

·  You can see the source of the price, if any price change has occurred in the last 48 hours and by how much it changed. by hovering over a competitor price.

·  If a user in your organization edits a competitor price (for example a station manager) then that username is shown on the hover, giving you greater visibility over who updated the competitor prices.

· Grade differentials are visible on the competitor pricing widget. You are able to amend these differentials with ease simply by clicking on the differential to amend it.

· You can edit your prices and select a custom date and time in the future that you want the changes to be actioned.

Station Performance Summary

· Gross Margin target is located in the Gross and Net Margin tabs.

· The target is displayed red if the current gross margin is below target and displayed green if current gross margin is equal to, or above the margin target.

· You can see the volume you have received today split by payment method.

Last Delivery Detected

· You can see the date & time of your last detected delivery.

· In the future we will be adding the ability for you to look back at previous deliveries.

BuySmart Analysis

· Notifications are linked and highlighted on the timeline.

For example if there is a stock-out predicted in a few days, this is indicated on the timeline with more detail displayed when hovering over the icon. This removes the need for you to click across every day to see if there is a potential stock-out coming.

· Tanks requiring your attention are highlighted.

For example when a tank is running low the icon is displayed on the timeline, the tank and the number of days left of stock are highlighted in orange.

Performance Reporting

· When you hover over any data point on the graph the data is displayed with the comparison to a previous time period and the % difference.

· When it is a negative change the % is red and when it is a positive change it is displayed green.

· Performance Reporting only includes complete days.

Station Managers

· We have added a feature that lets you assign multiple station managers to a single station or assign a station manager to multiple stations.

· Multiple phone numbers can be assigned to a single station manager.

Posted by Andy Allison - VP of Product
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