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June 6, 2022

Introducing Manual Price Entry and better UX Consistency

Every station owner wants their pole prices to be changed in a timely fashion. And we all know that just because you have sent a new price through to your Station Managers, it doesn’t mean it has been actioned - or actioned correctly. 😱

 In our latest EdgePetrol product releases we have launched new UX improvements that give you more visibility on previous and pending price changes so that you can:

  • See the current price whilst the change is still pending
  • Access this information throughout EdgePetrol
  • Enter specific prices at station level
  • Choose the exact decimal point you want with ease

Current pole price and pending pole price now both shown on station list page

Current pole price and pending pole price now both shown on station list page

On the station list page, we now show the current price (above, grey) and any pending prices (below, orange) for each fuel grade. Previously, we would only show the pending price on this page. If there is no pending price, we show the current price.

When pricing on the station list page for a fuel grade that already has a pending price change, the new price is calculated from the current price, not pending

calculation from current price not pending

Previously in the station list page, when a user went up or down in price for a fuel grade that already had a pending price, the new incremented price would be calculated from the pending price, not current price. 

As we now show the current price on the station list page, if the user increments up or down on an already pending price, the increments will be calculated from the current price, not pending price.

This brings more consistency across the app and matches how we calculate the current pole price in the Local Competitor Widget on the Station Page.

Consistency in how we display pending and current pole prices across the app

We’ve added even more consistency with how we display current and pending pole prices across the app. Previously in some areas the pending price was above the current, others below.

Now throughout the app, the pending pole price is also bigger and below the current pole price.

Users can now enter the specific pole price they want their price to change to in the local competitor widget. Previously, you would have to increment up or down from the existing price. Incrementing is still present, but now you can enter the specific price, which will allow you to change the decimal should you wish to.


This provides more flexibility when selecting new prices and allows for new strategies that involve the flexing of decimal points.

Posted by Andy Allison - VP of Product
February 24, 2022

Say hello, to Performance Report Exporting!

You felt like throwing your laptop out of the window. 

You just needed to copy & paste your data from the EdgePetrol app like you could before 2.0 was released. Alas, it was not possible.

Ok, so we’re all about ditching those spreadsheets, but this was important to you. You told us time and time again that even copy and paste wasn’t good enough. You wanted to download your data.

Which is why we are absolutely buzzing to share this news with you…

We’ve added the functionality to download the data to a CSV file on the portfolio and station page performance reporting widgets!

No more dragging the cursor awkwardly to the bottom of the screen. Just one click and BOOM! your file is ready with exactly the same data as the filters you have set.

csv file exporting edgepetrol

And that’s not all. We’ve re-added other useful features that were present before the move to EdgePetrol 2.0.

Competitor price movements visualised in local competitor widget

If you wanted to ascertain whether competitors had moved up or down in price, you would have to hover over each fuel grade to see this.

Now, you can see if a competitor has moved up or down without having to hover over.

Competitor price movements

Performance reporting filters are carried over to next station page

If you wanted to set any combinations of filters on the Performance Reporting widget or Portfolio Reporting page, those filters would be restored to the default when moving to a new station.

Now, the filters set on the previous station page carry over to the next, meaning you do not have to set the same filters each time you visit a new station page.

And there is more new stuff too…

‘This Week’ and ‘This Week vs Previous Week’ added as time filter options on Performance Reporting Widget and Portfolio Performance Reporting Page

The Performance Reporting widget and Portfolio Performance Reporting Page have the following time periods as options:

  • Last 7 days
  • Last 7 days vs previous 7 days
  • Last 4 weeks
  • Last 4 weeks vs previous 4 weeks
  • Custom period

This release will add the following two options to that list:

  • This week
  • This week vs previous week
calendar week EdgePetrol App

Indicate when pole price is set to be actioned in Station List Group Price Editing Page

When you hovered over a pending pole price on the Station List Group Price Editing Page or the Local Competitor Widget, the tool tip would say ‘The orange price indicates there is price change pending for this grade’.

Now, if the pending pole price was set to be actioned in the future and the time it was set to be actioned has not passed, the tool tip states when the pole price is set to be actioned.

Pole price change local competitor widget

Ability to click to previous and next station from Station Page

To enable you to quickly navigate between stations, this release will add a ‘Previous Station’ and ‘Next Station’ navigation button just below the station title.

Navigate between stations EdgePetrol app

Stay tuned for many more exciting updates!

Posted by Andy Allison - VP of Product
January 7, 2022

EdgePetrol 2.0 Update UK & Ireland

Here’s a rundown of the new features you can now take advantage of.

Drumroll please 🥁 ….

Navigation and Station Search

· The main navigation bar has been revamped and you can now find specific stations by using the search bar or using the letter selection.

User Interface improvements and increased performance

· We have focused on optimising the EdgePetrol interface so identifying metrics, trends and important data will be much easier and efficient.

· We have also improved the volume performance indicators so now you will be able to see how your volumes are performing vs an ‘average same time same day’ which is calculated as a 6 week weighted moving average.

New notifications area and improved user experience

· Notifications have now moved at the top of the page for ease of access.

· With this update, you can clear notifications individually instead of clearing them for the whole company, as previously implemented. Notifications automatically archived after 30 days to help you reduce clutter.

· You can now navigate from a notification directly to the detail. For example, if there is a predicted stock-out for a particular tank at a station you can navigate directly from the notification to see when the stock-out will occur.

Restricted view

· Do you want to share access with other users in the business but want to restrict certain features or metrics in EdgePetrol? Now you can with by getting in touch with your Customer Success Representative.

· User roles are as follows:

Owner, Admin, Area Manager, Station Manager

Competitor Pricing Overhaul

· Competitor prices are now timestamped to give a greater level of detail when viewing competitor prices.

· Now, you will be able to navigate to previous dates and times to gain in-depth insights on an intra-day basis.

· You can see if any price has changed in the last 48 hours and look back at any date and time to see the prices at that point.

Station Performance Summary improvements

· Gross Margin target has been moved to the Gross and Net Margin tabs.

· The target is displayed red if the current gross margin is below target and displayed green if current gross margin is equal to, or above the margin target.

Last Delivery Detected improvement

· We have now added the time when the last delivery was detected to give that greater visibility of when you are receiving your deliveries.

BuySmart Analysis improvements

· Important “alerts” are highlighted on the BuySmart Analysis timeline.

· We have improved our tank management system. When a tank is running low, the icon is visible on the timeline and the tank is highlighted orange along with the number of days left of stock. The same can be said for stockouts, the icon is visible on the timeline, the tank is highlighted red and the number of days left in stock is also red.

Performance Reporting

· Complete redesign to improve ease of use.

· We have fixed an issue raised by many of our customers. Now only complete days are displayed so today will not be included when visualising your performance over time.

Updated Station Managers

· We have added a new feature that lets you assign multiple station managers to a single station or assign a station manager to multiple stations.

· Multiple phone numbers can be assigned to a single station manager.

Posted by Andy Allison - VP of Product
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