Welcome to EdgePetrol

Today, fuel retailers are facing tough challenges

Reducing Volumes
Aggressive Competition
Market Consolidation
Demanding Investors

“We have been able to make an extra £15K gross profit across a portfolio of 9 sites in just 1 month”

"We’re looking at an additional £180K profit per year – an extra 16% in percentage terms!”

“Because we can see our live margin, we can now make more intelligent decisions on our pricing strategies for each site. Where margin is eroding, we might decide not to follow competitor’s falling prices and hold our prices higher for longer.”

The live blended cost of all the fuel in my tanks
Today's replacement cost

“We can see the immediate impact on our volumes

“And have greater flexibility to follow competitor pricing.”

“Without access to the EdgePetrol app we weren’t fully armed with accurate information to be able to make these tweaks to our pricing strategy which over time which equates to profit”