How Nesun Express saw a 15% profit increase over a 31-day test period

Nesun Express, 2 stations

Nesun Express, 2 stations
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The Challenge

Nemal of Nesun Express was concerned about the impact fuel cards were having on his margin.

With fuel card costs only coming at month end (but fluctuating daily), it was difficult to make a decision on how to price his pole sign taking this cost into account.

Before EdgePetrol, Nemal had no visibility of the impact of fuel cards when making his pricing decisions.

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The Solution

Once Nemal signed with EdgePetrol, he was able to see that he was making 1ppl less on diesel than he previously thought.

Knowing this prompted him to increase his price by 1ppl, followed by the tracking of volume impacts via the EdgePetrol.

This new visibility meant that Nemal could make changes with confidence.

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The Results

15% profit increase over a 31-day test period.

Nemal now keeps a close eye on net margin to ensure he is taking into account fuel card costs when working out the margin needed to keep his desired profits.


"After using Edge, margin has gone up between 25%-30% and profit has gone up."

Nemal Shanmuganathan
Nesun Express

Nemal Shanmuganathan

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