Change in strategy increases profit by 18% across an entire year!

Hills of Corby, 12 stations

Hills of Corby, 12 stations
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The Challenge

HOC always believed that there was no leeway versus aggressive competitors in their local markets and as a result struggled to grow their YOY fuel profits.

The status quo was to drop immediately when they realised a competitor lowered their price. In other words, the competition were defining their margins!

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The Solution

Once connected to EdgePetrol, real-time volume visibility allowed HOC to watch how their competitor price changes actually affected the volumes on their stations.

They noticed straight away that the impact was insignificant initially and therefore decided to hold their prices for longer until they noticed a change.

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The Results

Holding their margins for an extended period of time increased profit by 18% across an entire year!


"We have increased our fuel profit with EdgePetrol"

Michael Gatty
Hills of Corby

Michael Gatty

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