Ira Phillips and Tang Mart increase their volume by 5.5% in just 6 weeks!

Tang Mart, 10 Stations

Tang Mart, 10 Stations
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The Challenge

With the market volatility in the Alabama market combined with aggressive competition, setting the right pole sign price has become more challenging than ever.

Without real-time data, retailers are forced to follow the competition immediately otherwise risking a loss in volume. With these market challenges in mind, Tang Mart's goal is to increase volume and ditch the "blindly follow the competition" mindset.

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The Solution

Whether it’s staying above, below, or matching, retailers we’re speaking with tell us that the competition is the biggest factor when setting the pole sign price and Tang Mart is no different in this case.

Working with his dedicated Customer Success Manager, Jonathan Tang of Ira Phillips and Tang Mart was able to gain confidence on when to follow the competition and when to hold to increase his volumes at their sites.

They devised a simple strategy to always stay 1 penny above the cheapest competitor's regular grade and match the cheapest on diesel with performance as a baseline. Together, they monitored the volume in real-time to see what was working to then implement additional strategies.

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The Results

With a simple, deliberate, and easy to implement volume driving strategy in just 6 weeks, Tang Mart was able to...

  • Drive positive volume trends, even when the market was experiencing depressed volume
  • Contribute to a 5.5% total volume increase
  • Stimulate growth across all individual grades
  • Uncover opportunities for further optimization in his premium grades and diesel differentials

Even a simple strategy, when executed well, will significantly outperform a ‘follow the competition’ model.


"[EdgePetrol] brings it all into one platform- volume, margins, price... Whatever decision or strategy we're executing, we've got the data at our fingerprints so that we can make that decision, whatever that might be."

Jonathan Tang
Owner and Operator, Ira Phillips DBA Tang Mart

Jonathan Tang

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