M&L Richardson increase their profits!

M&L Richardson, 7 stations

M&L Richardson, 7 stations
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The Challenge

Martyn of M&L Richardson had been concerned about how being in a regional lockdown could impact his 7 stations.

He was unsure what strategic decisions to make during what was an unprecedented situation for the business and the market.

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The Solution

Using EdgePetrol, Martyn identified five stations where they could apply new strategies with the aim of increasing profit over 3 weeks.

The strategies were tracked and tweaked during the period through EdgePetrol to make sure the maximum result was achieved.

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The Results

Profits increased by 7%.

This was almost double the original target set.

By using insight across volume, margin and competition, Martyn was able to amend his strategies to optimise profitability.


"We use EdgePetrol daily and it has become a crucial tool to run and track the business and helps us price better."

Martyn Richardson
M&L Richardson

Martyn Richardson

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3. Set and deliver new site strategies
4. Increase profit by 18% or more

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