"We are a pirate ship"

"You get a real chance to help with navigating the ship through storms, calm waters, attacks, and encounters with sea monsters towards the treasure island."

Sab Caziuc, Sales Development Manager

Current roles

No roles currently available

Work with perks

Team socials

A stocked beer and wine fridge and frequent outings with the entire company and/or your closer team.

Choose equipment

We’ll let you choose the kit you need to do your job effectively. MacBooks are our standard, but the choice is down to you.

Coaching & training

Experienced management team that are ready to pass on their knowledge to those looking to learn.

Edge library

See a relevant book, course or conference that will further your development and positively impact your team? We can help with that.

Who we work with

Create impact across your organisation

Unleash the true power of your data with solutions that empower your team to investigate, monitor, analyse and act.

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