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Think differently about fuel pricing
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Access real-time data insight around volume, margin and profit to help combat market challenges such as aggressive competition, volatile prices and fluctuating volumes. EdgePetrol customers are making upwards of 18%  increases in profit by having better visibility of key information.

What are the benefits of EdgePetrol?

Real-time insight in one place

See how your stations are performing in real-time. Get live and accurate insight into volumes, margins, and profits at the click of a button, with no manual entry. The days of making today's decisions based on yesterday's data are finally over.

Know the real cost of product

Understand your cost prices and margins based on the current weighting of fuel in the tanks. Break down your margins into gross and net by seeing the impact of credit cards on your profits as they happen, so there are no surprises at the end of the month.

No hardware reliance

Remote connections to the Point of Sale (PoS) and the tanks underground give EdgePetrol the ability to provide all your data insight with no hardware necessary. This also allows users to see whether price changes are implemented, even without pole sign hardware.

How it works

Today, fuel retailers are facing tough challenges

Reducing Volumes

Aggressive Competition

Market Consolidation

Demanding Investors

Take control of your pricing

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