Improve Profitability on Retail Fuel.

Is the competition stealing your margin? Find out how fuel retailers are increasing profitability on retail fuel by 18%.

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One of the biggest challenges retailers face is being at the mercy of larger competitors on price. Since you are here, that is probably a challenge you face, too… 

Understand your competition and build a picture of where your pricing should sit and at what times.

Learn how to attract consumers to your site without using fuel price as your number one lever. 

Ensure you are looking at the right numbers. The best retailers consider all available insights when making pricing decisions.

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About the authors

Gideon Carroll

CEO, EdgePetrol

Gideon is the Founder and CEO of EdgePetrol which was created with one goal in mind: to disrupt the fuel (gas) retail market.

Gideon is a data junkie, whether he is monitoring his power, cadence and heart rate on a bike or reviewing price and market exposure working on the gasoline trading bench at Trafigura, data is the key to improved performance.

When EdgePetrol launched in September 2017, retailers were given data insight they had never seen before, helping them to drive profits through better decision making.

Gideon’s dream is to create a company where everyone in the team loves what they do everyday. Together we will make fuel (gas) the most data-driven market in the world through world-class software solutions and we will not stop until that is a reality!

Mark Truman

CRO, EdgePetrol

Mark has been working in the software space since 2010, where he helped energy companies grow through greater insight and analytics whilst working at GlobalData in London.

In 2017 Mark helped launch the EdgePetrol product by listening closely to the challenges of the fuel retail market and helping tailor both the solution and the service to solve them. He is responsible for the customer life cycle, from marketing to sales to retention.

Download the eBook now

Today, fuel retailers are facing tough challenges

Reducing Volumes

Aggressive Competition

Market Consolidation

Demanding Investors