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We are EdgePetrol, the newest fuel pricing software on the market.
Our mission is to help fuel marketers improve their business performance by selling more gas and increase margins and profits.

We do this by providing real-time visibility to fuel marketers helping them make better and quicker decisions on pricing and procurement. Providing insight from all data sources across a portfolio and bringing it into one place. EdgePetrol customers are increasing their profits by as much as 23%.

Our customer base ranges from multiple chain independent operators, multinational PLCSs and oil companies.

Today, fuel retailers are facing tough challenges

Reducing Volumes

Aggressive Competition

Market Consolidation

Demanding Investors

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EdgePetrol provides pricing software that allows independent retailers to optimise their site fuel profitability with examples of increases exceeding 18%.

Taking control of your pricing with no manual entry and accessible from anywhere, EdgePetrol replaces your spreadsheets with live, actionable insight to help you make better pricing and procurement decisions.
Our engagement with retailers just like you has allowed us to understand the true dynamics of fuel pricing and use real-life experience and examples to help all retailers (EdgePetrol customer or not) head towards site optimisation.

One of the biggest challenges’ retailers face is being at the mercy of larger competitors on price Since you are here, that is probably a challange you face too…