What are the most popular fuel cards?

September 24, 2020

In our latest blog our data science intern Adriana Kuzmanic shares the most popular fuel cards...

In order to answer this question, we have selected data from 170 of our stations, which were active during the period of April and May of 2019. During this period, 9.46% of all transactions were made with fuel cards and the percentage of volume sold by fuel cards was 25%.


As presented in the table below, out of the total volume bought by all fuel cards, here are the percentages of total volume captured per fuel card.

In conclusion, we could say there are 6 fuel card brands which capture a significant percentage of volume of above 6%, they are; Key Fuels, Routex, All Star, DCI, EuroShell and UK Fuels. 


The two clear market leaders however are Key Fuels and Routex capturing more than 20% of total volume, making them the most in demand.