Four reasons why grads should choose startups

September 1, 2020

EdgePetrol's super grad Sab Caziuc explains why he has no regrets joining a startup straight from university.

As a millennial fresh out of uni, I had a main criterion when looking for a graduate role: it must be enjoyable.

Having experienced both corporate and startup worlds during my internships, I found the latter to be a more nurturing environment for learning and fast tracking my career.


  • The challenge - you will be challenged by the market and have to challenge it in return to establish your position.
  • The quest - by definition, a startup is "a human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty" (Eric Ries). You get a real chance to help with navigating the ship through storms, calm waters, pirate attacks and encounters with sea monsters towards the treasure island.
  • The coolness - a startup is built around an idea by people who believe in it. They know they’re in it together and have to be at the top of their game. That’s why everyone is laid-back, honest, informal and cooperative.
  • The exposure - there’s a lot of work to be done, so be prepared to wear multiple hats and explore uncharted territories.

Ok, startups are cool. But what’s special about EdgePetrol?

1. We’re sexy

We’re a tech company, which is sexy by default. Even more, we sit at the intersection between tech and oil. As a business grad, I am utterly fascinated by these two industries that have shaped most of the global economic and political landscape.

So boom! Sexiness squared.

2. We’re serious guys

The best companies are filling a gap in the market, and this is what we consistently do.

Our product is never finished and this is why everyone at Edge - whether they are salespeople, engineers, data scientists etc - won’t leave a single stone unturned in the ongoing process of discovering what else our customers need and what is the best way to deliver it.

By having a team with experience in oil trading, global partners and highly engaged clients, we are changing petrol retail in the most strategic possible way.

When I first joined EdgePetrol I had to sit on the floor. Now I have my own chair!

3. I am encouraged to learn

The top-down approach is for everyone to grow and voice their opinions during their time at EdgePetrol. And it is a rare thing to have CEO’s ear whenever you get a new idea.

In my interview I was asked where I want to be in 3-5 years. I told the truth: I want to lead my own company and that's why I'm here, to learn how.

That was our deal. Mark (CRO) became my mentor, committing himself to teaching me as much as he can in return of my best efforts to get the product to the market. And it’s not only him, it’s every single one of my colleagues who share knowledge and teach the rest of us about the areas they know best.

4. I get to do stuff

Looking back at the past seven months, it’s been a hell of a ride. Not only did I get to do stuff, but I got to do stuff that I suggested. From sending cupcakes to prospects in Scotland, presenting the product at industry events and meeting potential partners in Denmark, I have always been in the middle of the action. And I’m seriously struggling to identify another company where I could have had a similar experience.

But hey, don't take my word for granted - come and meet us! We have a nice office in Fitzrovia and if you're too shy to come in, there are plenty of places around where we can grab a coffee.

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